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Your contribution, no matter how big or small, makes a huge difference to the Pacific Northwest's wild, native fish and homewaters.

Through your generosity we're cultivating the groundswell of public support needed to revive abundant wild fish, free flowing rivers, and thriving local communities.

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Let’s hear it for our homewaters! We’re so grateful for even those short trips this year to amble along their banks, hear the sounds of moving water, and catch a glimpse of a wild trout rising to feed. For many of us, our homewaters were the most normal place we visited this year. And the best place to take a deep breath and immerse ourselves in a world outside the digital noise and our long stays at home. Over this hot summer, our homewaters provided us cool relief and fun. When fires broke out across the West, it was their waters that were used to protect our homes and communities. When you rise in the morning and make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, that’s the river you're drinking - truly a river runs through us all. We are so grateful for what our homewaters and native fish brought to us this year.

At Native Fish Society, we work river by river, stream by stream, community by community across the Pacific Northwest to revive abundant wild fish and free-flowing rivers. Whether your stream is legendary like the North Umpqua, where we’re working with partners to remove harmful Winchester Dam, or humble like Hunter Creek, where we’re working to secure Wild and Scenic designation and permanent protections from mining, odds are one of our 76 volunteer River Stewards is looking after your backyard river and native fish. River Stewards are the passionate local advocates that enable Native Fish Society to leverage our staff ’s expertise, our organizational resources, and the remarkable skills of our 18 volunteer Native Fish Fellows, to deliver boots on the ground results for wild, native fish.

In just this past year alone River Stewards helped end harmful suction dredge mining in over 12,000 miles of threatened Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout habitats in Washington. Starting this winter Washington River Stewards are teaming up with local partners in the White Salmon and Sol Duc rivers to monitor the health and recovery of wild steelhead in these Wild Steelhead Gene Bank rivers. In Oregon, our River Stewards in the Willamette raised the red flag on harmful dam operations, which a federal court officially ruled illegal this year - so get ready for some big changes to come at the 13 dams in the Willamette! In California, Stewards and staff joined Tribal Nations calling for a wild and free Klamath River - the removal of its four lower dams will be the largest river restoration in world history. To see all of the work your generosity has made possible please check out the map of conservation campaigns enclosed with this letter.

We’re asking for your continued investment in 2021 to grow and diversify our community of volunteers, members, and partners as we undertake the work of stewarding our homewaters and native fish across the Northwest. There’s no group better positioned to do this work. Thank you for your continued support and the gratitude you’re helping give back to the waters that sustain us all.

Please send a year-end gift today, and join us in making 2021 the year we rise up for wild, native fish.

Homewaters Matter,

Mark Sherwood - Executive Director
Tom Derry - Director of Wild Steelhead Funding